We’re Moving to Dalborra!

With the advent of Asia Pacific servers and the launch of SWTOR in Australia, NZ, Singapore and Hong Kong, we’re busy making plans to transfer to our new Oceanic home – Dalborra, the first Asia Pacific PvE server.

For now, we’ll be continuing to play on The Harbinger, since that’s where our endgame characters currently are. Once server transfers open in late April, we’ll be transferring our Republic guild to Dalborra lock, stock and barrel. We’re currently open for new members on both The Harbinger and Dalborra — if your character was created before February 28th and you plan to transfer, please come and join us on The Harbinger. Otherwise, we invite you to roll new characters with us on Dalborra in preparation for the rest of the guild’s arrival.

If you’re not already a Southern Wardens member, please feel free to check out our forums and post a membership application & introduction there!

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