Recruitment is currently open!

Southern Wardens is a casual guild who take raiding seriously. We’re not hardcore; if you’re looking for server firsts, we’re probably not going to be what you’re looking for. But we are serious about killing bosses and making progress — and about having fun while doing so.

  • Tanks: We’re full on tanks.
  • Healers: Full, although depending on DPS numbers we may recruit to this role.
  • DPS: We’re open to new DPS, both ranged and melee.

As a general rule, preference for roles with restricted numbers is given to incumbent raiders, and we encourage all raiders to have a raid-viable offspec of a different role, where possible. We do try to give our raiders opportunities to play their offspecs, for variety and practice.

Our raids are scheduled for Australian times, but you’re welcome to join us from overseas if you’re a shiftworker, night owl or insomniac. We’re happy to bring you along via RealID raid invites, but we’re based on US-Proudmoore, and members on-server get the benefit of guild chat, guild repairs, and the guild bank.

Currently we raid Sunday and Monday nights; raiding times are 8:00pm – 10:30pm AEST from March-October, and 8:00pm – 10:00pm AEST from October-March.

If you’re interested in joining us, message Sailan or another officer in-game for a chat, or sign up to our forums and send a PM to Siha to ask for posting access.