Progression update time

It has been some time since our last post here.

Since then we have had some crazy changes within the guild, and while we were ironing those out, our WoW blog posts were a bit stagnant.  As you can probably see, SW:TOR has kicked into full swing, and this caused a bit of internal updating, shuffling, and general kerfuffle as people figured out what their “main” game was.  Some went to SW:TOR (including all the old WoW officers) and some stuck around with the long tail WoW has.  But all of us stayed with Southern Wardens – in fact, Southern Wardens has grown as a community!

Officer Shakeup

Southern Wardens in WoW is being run by a mostly new group of officers.  These officers are:

Guildmaster Benalis
Raidleader Catseyes
PvP organiser Phyllixia
Officer who didn’t step back fast enough Brangwen
Old guard representative Tiggralisa

The  previous WoW officership (of many many years) have mostly moved fulltime to SWTOR.   A half of them are now what we are calling Southern Wardens Community Officers (as well as SW:TOR officers) and some have hung up their officering boots altogether.  Once the dust settles, I am sure we will sort out the website to reflect all this change in a greater capacity than it does right now.  We really are still a guild work in progress.

10man Raiding Progress

SW currently have a tight knit raiding team.  Given the shakeup of SW:TOR and the proximity to Christmas, 4.3 content was not really started by our raiding team until mid January, an unprecedented almost month and a half after the content was released.  Since that time about 5 weeks ago, we have been raiding an average of 2 out of our 3 nights a week.  The off night has been retro raiding, looking to get achievements, transmogrification gear and mounts for raiding guild members as well as looking at the epic staff in Firelands for multiple raiding members.  Given our late start, our team is quite happy with our progress in Dragon Soul and are looking to tear off DeathChin’s spine in the coming days.  We are going to defeat DeathChin with as little of the nerf as possible, and move into heroics as soon as is feasible.

We are looking for new raiders all the time, so please let us know if you are interested.  Either put in an application, PM us on the forums or a chat in game would be great!  Look for screenies of our achievements in coming days/weeks on this blog!

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