Our Server: The Harbinger

If you’re looking to join Southern Wardens, and you didn’t sign up with us in the Pre-Launch Guild HQ program, you can find us on The Harbinger. It’s a US-West PvE server, and is one of the two servers selected by the Oceanic community to be our home in SWTOR. See you there!


  1. What’s the other Oceanic community server? I have noticed that during the day on the weekend there were queues of up to 1100 people and a wait time in excess of an hour. When this happens and I want to play, I have another toon on another server that is not so bad.

  2. The other is Jekk’Jekk Tarr, which also has fairly bad queues. There’s a lot of speculation that server caps are artificially low for the Early Access period, to try and get everybody to spread out.

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