Heroic Yor’sahj is a bubbly mess

Last week was quite a good week for SW in WoW.

Last wednesday saw us spend the night learning heroic Yor’sahj.  We refined our cominations, figured out what was healable for us and what wasn’t.  Cats duly noted and changed around his cheat sheet as we made comments and were thrown combinations.

Sunday saw Firelands farmed, but I wasn’t there so I cant comment too much on that.


Monday was triumphant.  We started on Heroic Yor’sahj.  Cats had a time limit in mind of 40 minutes from first pull.  Fortunately, his idea of 40 minutes is more like 1 hour 20 mins according to some.  We had a different team to Wednesday, and your truly had to step up and learn the fight as a healer, as opposed to a DPS.  So, there were 3-4 attempts wasted as I figured out where my sweet spot was.  One other thing we found helped out of sight was Cats as DPS going bear and taking the boss blowing his CDs during deep corruption, to save the healers blowing up the tank/letting the tank die due to too many stacks.  This suddenly made the fight seem FIRMLY in our grasp and not too many attempts later, Yor’sahj went down for the count.  There was a great cheer and feeling of satisfaction claimed by many raiders.  Well done guys. 3/8 heroic!

We then moved on to clear out Dragon Soul for our second great achievement of the night – Swen’s legendary daggers.  Heroic ultraxion was beyond us (with me learning to heal it and some unfortunate lag spikes causing button clicking fails), but we ploughed through and while we did the boat, Swen went and completed the quests required to ensure that when we killed Madness, he would have some shiny oranges in his hot little hands.

Grats Swen!

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