Heroic Ultraxion is DEADED!

I am very sorry I didn’t post this earlier (ie when it happened) but I have been so very ill recently, getting the time to write something or even raid this week has been interesting.  But, I am back now and hopefully will be able to post more interesting things in the near future.   Well, I read this and I find it interesting, even if no one else does.  Feel free to mock me any time in the comments!

This 2 weeks ago update is from our benevolent dictator, Benalis, but I’m hoping one of the guys will write an update for me for this weeks raiding, that I completely missed and am now suffering withdrawals from.  IT’S OK! DON’T PANIC!!! Diablo III starts today! And I had SW:TOR to AFK in keep me company while I looked after my hyperattentive 8 month old.

Right, so Sunday [5 May]…

Firelands. We killed Beth, and then tried a number of attempts of Heroic Shannox. The important things of note for this encounter are that the dogs don’t stay dead (they get back up at full health 30 seconds after being “killed”), so it’s not worth doing any unnecessary damage on them. Each of the dogs builds up a buff that seriously increases their damage and the only way to drop it is to get them caught in crystal traps and hope it drops off in time.

We tried half a dozen or so attempts and were improving (best was Shannox to 34% I believe), and then switched back to normal mode to ensure we cleared the place. 

Killed everything up to and including the Majordomo and then called it a night.

Monday [6 May]

The second half of Wednesday’s Dragon Soul run. We one-shot Heroic Ultraxion, proving that once we got into the right rhythm for the fight it was easy. 

We then tried Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn, and well… Very chaotic fight, something that we as a guild don’t seem to be good at. We eventually dropped back to normal mode, and killed him with only two characters alive at the end. Warmaster Blackhorn is not our favourite fight.

We ended up having a wipe on Spine, but we think that was due to an odd DC. Cats disconnected during the fight, and it somehow got Deathwing stuck in a roll that evicted everyone from his back no matter where we tried to stand. Once Cats came back on line we were able to kill him easily.

And then there was another wipe on Maddness. That was due to us doing too much DPS and having the tentacles up at the same time as another damage source and not being able to heal through the damage. Our healers tried their best. As it was, when we made our second attempt we did enough dps that Deathwing didn’t get a chance to do his Cataclysm on the first three platforms.

Once we killed Deathwing, we jumped back into the previous nights Firelands instance and one-shot Rags (as it should be!).

This leaves me 2 bosses away from completing Stage 2 of the Legendary quest.

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