Heroic Ultraxion to 4%

The heading says it all really.

Monday night saw us go in with a full team.  After a few attempts with 3 healers and looking at the DPS requirement, we decided to drop to 2 healers (CL and Mith) with my good self going ret to smash face.  The healers did a bang up job of keeping on top of the healing.  Grats guys that was a wonderful effort for our gear level (below 397 average on the whole).

After some testing and poking and prodding, the only thing we were failing at was button pressing to get back into the real realm when Ultraxion sneezes on the raid in the twilight realm.  Flick was having lag issues, and eventually worked out her sweet spot to press the button to make sure her click got through to the server in time.  Once she had that sorted, BAM we started smashing face, and our best attempt for the night was a 4% wipe.  SO CLOSE!

Next full team, we got this one guys, we really do!

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