Quick review – new boss attempts on Zonozz

A quick update from our holy priest, Compensator (aka CL)


First up Heroic Morcok. Took a total of 4 attempts for us to get him down. The 3rd attempt was really close, we just lost people in team two as we were approaching the final push. Fourth attempt we downed him scoring healing boot for Brang and a lovely hit/crit caster ring.
We then moved onto Heroic Zon’ozz. After 13 attempts we managed to get to the second orb three times I think, so we made small bits of progress and learning how the fight works. A long long way to go yet for us to manage to down that fight as the healing output required in fairly tough while requiring DPS spread over a large number of adds and the boss. As time was then running short we dropped down to normal mode and had a nice lazy kill.
Continuing on normal mode so we would have time to finish the fight and do some heroic Ultraxion practise on Monday we went on over to Stitch and downed him easily, though a couple of times the third ooze got quite close.
Flying up to fight Halgara I hurried through the portal first and ran to the orb and used my Direbrew’s Remote, before hurrying back to everyone else. Cats zoned in and made his way to the orb and clicked, then took an alternative trip to the Grim Guzzler instead. Commence team speak being filled with laughter. When Cats got back we killed Halgara nice and easily, mixing up our strategy during the lightning phase having the groups go in different directions to try and get the fight to go faster as practise for heroic.
So come Monday we will indeed be starting with Heroic Ultraxion, then finishing the rest of Dragon Soul.

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