And for the first time in a long time…

Heroic Morchok died last night.  I don’t remember a time when Southern Wardens were able to work on Heroic Content within the current patching level, and I have been here on and off for quite a few years.  I was so excited to start working on Heroic modes, and I hope that the team now has the smell of blood in their noses to keep working on Heroics for weeks to come.  It isn’t going to be easy, but I haven’t heard as big a cheer as I heard last night.  It really felt like we were getting somewhere and picking up the pace.  Completeness was definitely up for it, saying she now understood why I was so excited and pushing to do heroic content.  There is nothing quite like it in WoW.  It is SO satisfying.  So with the 15% nerf to the content, we walked Morchok and his friend to the grave with Cats’ 4 healer strat.

Mithrya learned the true meaning of having a guild behind him last night, when it was pointed out (publically and for shaming purposes by me after being delegated by Cats’ who was informed by Az) that Mith didn’t have his gear gemmed or enchanted.  We all pulled together and got him gems, mats and buckles from the AH and got his gear as up to scratch as we would in about 20 minutes.  Mith still has a lot of rep grinding to do for his shoulder and head enchants, and raiding can be expensive when you gear up so quickly, but that’s where a guild comes in.  Investing in our players is what we do!  Put in the effort, and we will help you get to your goals.  Next time, I hope he and anyone else asks for help before the raid, as opposed to rocking up not prepared.

After all this, we moved onto heroic Yor’Sahj and found that to be more of a challenge.  We need to work on getting the feel for that boss (which will take time) and settling down to a 2 healer grouping to ensure that we have enough DPS to throw around for all the adds that turn up (those things HURT! I’m glad I wear plate!)

Excellent work guys!  Let’s keep things moving and get Yor’sahj next week.

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