Bonecrusher, Jarg and Sorno Dead

With EV clear, last night we went to visit Karagga in his Palace on Hutta – not what you’d call the prettiest of destinations.

First up was Bonecrusher, who took a few attempts to work the kinks out of before dying in a very clean kill.

Bonecrusher, ded from Wardens

Then we moved deeper into Karagga’s Palace until we came across Jarg and Sorno, a pair of bounty hunters with great dialogue and a bad attitude. Naturally, we couldn’t leave them alive.

Jarg & Sorno, ded from Wardens

We started working towards the next boss, Foreman Crusher, but were stymied by the leagues of trash between us and our goal. Out of time for the night, we called it, but we’re definitely looking forward to getting back in there to encounter him.

We’re moving through the Normal difficulty level of operations content a little slower than some other raiding guilds, which is a deliberate choice — we’ve taken the opportunity of a fresh start in SWTOR to approach the raid content fresh as well. Rather than pre-learning the fights, reading strats, watching vids and asking others for advice, we’re going in blind and experimenting. It’s a very refreshing way to raid, especially for those of us with years of raiding under our belts in other games, and it’s certainly not stopping us killing bosses!

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