Eternity Vault (Nearly) All Fall Down

Following Sunday’s fun with XRR-3 and Gharj, last night we carried on where we left off. After a trial pull to show fight to the newcomers, we spent a while polishing our DPS before finally killing him in the smoothest fight of the night.

Gharj, ded from Wardens

Next was the Ancient Pylons “boss”, which is really something of a loot pinata. Bonus entertainment value from Elorael getting stuck in the loot chest.

Ancient Pylons, not really ded from anything but still looted bare anyway.

(Elorael is the nudist on the right with an itchy trigger finger for the XS Freighter Flyby.)

And after that, the Infernal Council… one learning wipe to discover the mechanics, and we killed them on the second pull. One minor obstacle: we’d paid too much attention to the enemies’ names and not enough to their health, and accidentally assigned a healer to take out one of the targets with the most health. A few anxious moments but Aisha came through with some fine DPS!

The loot box of the Infernal Council, who are ded from Wardens out of the frame.

Something tells me we have too many Consulars…

By this stage we were getting a trifle sick of kill shots that just featured loot chests, so we decided to go and kill Soa to round out the night. Unfortunately we only had time for about three attempts, but we got him to less than 30% on the last two attempts, so his days are most definitely numbered.

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