A great week in Dazar’alor

Well, a great week for us, that is. The bosses might have felt otherwise, though!

This week saw us iron out all the bugs in our execution of the early bosses, even one-shotting Opulence on only our second kill, leaving us a chunk of time on night 1 to work on the Loa. Despite some good progress their deaths eluded us until we returned last night, wiped a few times and then tweaked kill order and raid composition and killed them handily on the next attempt. King Rastakhan was up next, and despite the complexity of the encounter we made it to Phase 3 on on our first exploratory “hit him in the face and see what happens” attempt. Emboldened, we buffed up and pulled again, and killed him on the traditional Last Pull of the Night! Great work from all concerned – next up, Mekkatorque!

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