Progress in Dazar’alor

Last week saw the doors open upon Dazar’alor, the Zandalari capital and new raid in patch 8.1. Like every other guild we headed off into Dazar’alor (through the delightfully easy entrance portal) to murder a whole lot of people and animals as befits the mighty heroes we are.

Well, that was fun! We’re currently on restricted raiding hours due to the tensions of Daylight Savings Time and a raid group spanning five trans-Pacific timezones, but despite that we downed Rawani Kanae (of the Champions of the Light) and the Jadefire Masters on the first night, and Grong on the second night. The rest of the second night was occupied with fun and games on Opulence – we nearly got him (it?) that night, but failed to stay alive in a consistent enough way to beat him.

Thankfully, that changed this week; after belting through Rawani, Jadefire Masters and Grong quickly we got Opulence on night 1 (on the traditional Last Pull of the Night) which set last night up for some new boss goodness, so it was on to Conclave of the Chosen last night. Sadly, with a few absences we didn’t manage to beat them, but we did make great progress and they’re definitely within our grasp for next week.

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