Still here! Still kicking!

…kicking the bosses in the face, that is.

Look, let’s just admit out loud what we all already know: I’m not going to get those placeholders replaced with proper progression boss kill posts, complete with singing dancing screenshots. I’m just not. (I’m especially not since I’m lacking Photoshop after a reinstall, and won’t be acquiring it for another month or two yet.)

So, where were we? Ah yes, butt-kicking for goodness all the way through Blackwing Descent and the Bastion of Twilight. It didn’t take us long to roll through BoT and BWD (having left Throne of the Four Winds on the backburner because, let’s face it, nobody likes that place), and we were on the verge of clearing both instances when Firelands snuck up and hit us when we weren’t looking.

(It occurs to me, too, that I never actually posted when we hit Guild Level 25 back in early June. Belatedly, hooray! Mass Rez is very useful and finally gives us a reason to be happy the mages have escaped yet another wipe…)

Despite Firelands making a valiant play for our affections, with its promise of delightfully incendiary loot and a healthy dose of nostalgia for Molten Core, we did find time in the schedule to polish off the remainder of the Tier 11 content; this would be the point in the post where I’d insert pictures of ten of us standing around looking heroic and shiny in front of various shapes and sizes of corpse. If I had them to post, that is.

So, that’s where we stand; we’re currently enjoying the fruits of our Tier 11 victories, zipping around on the very nifty Dark Phoenixes. Meanwhile, we’re currently at 3/7 in Firelands – Beth’tilac, Rhyolith and Shannox are dead – and working on Baleroc for number four. And, as always, looking forward to the next infusion of new content, in the form of Deathwing himself in patch 4.3.

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