Southern Wardens Wants You!

Southern Wardens is recruiting! We are currently looking for:

* 2x Ranged DPS – boomkin, elemental shaman, mage or shadow priest.
* 1x Melee DPS – enhancement shaman, rogue or DPS warrior.

Classes/specs not listed are not being sought; however, we will consider all applications except for tanking specs.

About Us
Southern Wardens is an Australian Alliance PvE guild on US-Proudmoore founded when WoW was launched. Our raiding team is progression-focused; although we’re not hardcore, we do take raiding seriously.

We started our WotLK raiding in mid-January; we’ve cleared everything except Kel’thuzad and Malygos. We’re currently building our raiding force to finish off T7 content, work on Achievement progression, and prepare for the launch of Ulduar.

Who We’re Looking For
Our ideal raiders:
– are serious about raiding, and willing to put in the time and effort required to succeed
– are flexible and willing to accept feedback
– are motivated to perform well, improve wherever possible, and stay informed about their class, spec, and the raiding game in general
– are willing to debate cake vs pie, discuss the personal hygiene of gnomes, and blame the mage for every accidental pull

Please note that we need at least 75% attendance at official raid nights – Sunday, Monday and Wednesday nights, from ~7pm AEST to ~11pm AEST, plus or minus for daylight savings.

We’re looking, specifically, for people who are potentially interested in staying with us for the long haul. We don’t have much in the way of turnover, and many of our guildmembers have been with us for years. (We’re like the Hotel California, really.)

What We Offer
We’re not hardcore, but we are progression oriented, and we have traditionally been placed in the top 15-25% of raiding guilds on Proudmoore. We make an effort to be as flexible as possible for individual players, and we ask players to be flexible for us in return.

We don’t require specific talent specs, or force people to play in a role they hate. We don’t swap people out boss-by-boss, and we’re not recruiting for bench spots; we make every effort to give all our raiders a fair share of raiding time. We try and make allowances for people with difficult schedules and RL commitments, without hurting our ability to raid effectively.

Great! Please post an application in our recruitment forum – you’ll need to register a forum account and PM Siha for posting access, as an anti-spam measure.

If you want to find out more before posting an application, please talk to one of our officers.