R.I.P. Solarian, R.I.P Doomwalker

With Al’ar dead and buried, heading on to say hello to Solarian was an offer we just couldn’t refuse. Monday night saw us encounter her for the first time, and what a fight! She and Al’ar are chalk and cheese – Solarian’s a fast-paced encounter with hair-trigger timing, and I think probably my favourite of the TBC bosses I’ve seen so far.

Solarian kill shot

Also, she’s dead easy and therefore easily deaded, which we achieved with ease after a few false starts involving people bombing the raid.

After Solarian, we were going to head off to Serpentshrine for a farm boss or two when someone happened to mention that Doomwalker was up, over in Shadowmoon Valley.

We strapped on our killing pants, and… well, I bet you can guess what came next.

Doomwalker kill shot

Doomwalker was our eighth guild first in 41 days, and a fun way to round off a very successful week of raiding.

Next up, Tidewalker!

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  1. Grats on ur kills guy!!!