Big Dead Fishy.

Why progress in one zone when you can progress in two?

Lurker Below kill shot

We took our first guild steps in Serpentshrine Cavern two weeks ago for a quick look-see after a Gruul’s Lair clear. Last week we got a couple of really good attempts in on the Lurker, and we consolidated all that last night with a decisive kill. Congrats to Vortron and Torqya on their new boots, and Byza on his new bracers.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome our new guild members. SPQR was a great guild and we were proud to be associated with it, and we’re happy to provide a new home for those ex-SPQR people who chose to come across and join us in Southern Wardens. Welcome aboard, guys – friendly abuse and teabags for all! ;)