Rocks fall, everyone dies.

Our progress in 25-mans has been slow to date, thanks to a tight schedule of raid times and a burning need to pillage Karazhan for all it’s worth (especially to help gear up our newer recruits), so we’ve not had much time to spend in working on Gruul. All that changed ten days ago, when our Gruul team ‘clicked’, and got him down to 7% before time constraints saw us off to Karazhan. We knew Gruul was not long for this world, the requisite saber-rattling threads were duly posted on our forums, and this Sunday we marched in there and splattered him. On grow 12, at that, which was very satisfying for our first kill.

Next target: who knows? We’re currently still deciding between our options: Magtheridon? Hydross? Lurker Below? Void Reaver? More news as it comes to hand.


  1. Grats folks! Saw that you downed Gruul on WoWInsider:

    As far as suggestions on where to go next, I figured I’d drop the suggestion to go to TC and take down Void Reaver. He’s an easier kill then Mag Hydrops or Lurker and it will start you down the road to some very nice Tier 5 gear including the shoulders. Good Luck guys!

  2. Thanks for the tip! We’re likely to head to VR as our next target, combined with a bit of Zul’Aman action :)