State of the Union

So, here we are, nearly halfway through 2007, and communication’s been a bit lacking lately! Things should improve from here; watch this space for regular guild news and updates. The site is now fully up-to-date, incorporating all the entries from previous content management systems, although unfortunately we lost all the comments in the migration. Again. (Edit: Parts of the site, such as the left sidebar, do not render properly in IE7. Apart from suggesting that you get a real, standards-compliant browser, I can only apologise; it will be fixed as soon as possible.)

What are we up to?

We took a break from our raiding schedule with the release of the Burning Crusade expansion. We lost some of our oldest members, who are now mostly playing Horde-side, and we all enjoyed a break from the stresses of raiding. However, you can’t keep us out of trouble for long – we’ve just started our first Kara runs, currently running two teams. Current progression: Attumen on farm, Moroes down, and we’ve made some good attempts on Maiden of Virtue.

Recruitment-wise, we’re still waiting to see how our regular raider core shapes up before taking on new members, although we’re always open to family and close friends of current members. We will almost certainly be looking for new members as we move towards 25-mans, though, so if you’re interested in joining us for raiding, do get in touch.