Daylight Savings – New raid times

Originally posted by Simtr.

Just to make everyone aware, or raid times have moved slightly as a compromise between our two main time zones.

Below is our schedule through November :

AQ20 7:30pm AEDST, 6:30pm QLD – Wednesday
Naxx 7:30pm AEDST, 6:30pm QLD – Thursday
BWL 6:30pm AEDST, 5:30pm QLD – Sunday
Onyxia 7:30pm AEDST, 6:30pm QLD – Monday
AQ40 8:00pm AEDST, 7pm QLD – Monday

I think the US have now finished/started their daylight savings time too, so I’ll update later with correct server times as a reference.

All raids usually run for 4 hours, with the exception of BWL which is 5 hours and Onyxia 30 mins. If we have more BWL runs like last night, less than 4 hours for full clear, then we’ll look at moving it back an hour to suit.