Limited Recruitment Open!

We’re currently looking for a few good men — or dwarves, or maybe even elves. (You’ll have to do some fast-talking if you’re a gnome!) Recruitment is currently open for hunters, mages and warriors — we need people who pride themselves on DPS and are specced and geared for endgame PvE.

Make sure you’re keyed to Onyxia, MC and BWL and have around 100FR before applying. We’re a fairly small, skillful group which means we require a fairly high raid attendance — at least 75% of our raid times below.

Our current raid times are (Australian Eastern Standard time) :
– Sunday 5:30pm Onyxia
– Sunday 7pm – 11pm BWL
– Monday 7pm – 11pm BWL
– Thursday 7pm – 11pm MC (Full clear)