Guild Policies

There are several policies regarding joining the guild of which all members should be aware.


Membership begins with a short probationary period – in most cases it’s three weeks, but it may be extended if we haven’t had enough chance to group or raid with you, or if there are other reasons for extension. This probationary period is an introduction to the guild; it gives us a chance to get to know you, to be sure that you’re a good match for the guild. Equally, it gives you a chance to get the feel of the guild, to make sure you definitely want to play with us.

You’re welcome to attend all guild events and participate in everything we do, with just a couple of caveats:

  • Full members have priority for BoP loot drops. (This is only for the duration of your introductory period; after that, you’ll get plenty of access to raid loot!)
  • Probationary members can’t request items from the guild banks.
  • Probationary members can’t receive BoE items from guild raids; these will be banked and the member can request them when they become a full member.

Once your probationary period is completed, the guild will make a decision on your membership, and advise you accordingly. Equally, if you decide we’re not the right guild for you, you’re free to leave with no hard feelings.

[1] The ‘standard’ trial period for raiding applicants is 9 raids (ie three weeks of full-time raiding), although this may be extended if the officers feel it necessary.

If you’ve joined as a social member, you’ll remain as an introductory member while the guild is getting to know you; you’ll be promoted once the officers are confident you fit with the guild. This is likely to take at least as long as a raiding member’s trial period, depending on how much you’re online.

Leaving the Guild

If you choose to leave the guild, we are under no obligation to accept you as a member again if you change your mind. While there are always some cases with special circumstances, as a general rule our policy is that gquitting is a conscious choice, and not an appropriate emotional response to stress or conflict. Leaving in a huff is a good way not to get invited back.

That said, if you have a good reason for needing to leave the guild, please speak to one of the officers. We’re happy to maintain good relationships with former guild-members, unless you give us reason to do otherwise! We have friends and former guildies in a number of Proudmoore’s other guilds, and we enjoy hanging out, grouping and pickup-raiding with them when our schedule allows.

If you’re currently a raider in Southern Wardens and you wish to apply to another guild, please let an officer know, and remove your character from Southern Wardens when you make the application. If you want to leave an alt in Southern Wardens to socialise and for casual play, you’re welcome to, provided you discuss it ahead of time with an officer.

Former members who wish to rejoin the guild will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, at the officers’ discretion. Some negotiation may be conducted to find the best solution for everybody.

Guild Ranks

As you’ll see in the guild window, there are a number of different guild ranks. Here’s what they mean.

  • Guild Leader: fairly self-explanatory!
  • Marquis/Baron: guild officer mains (Marquis) and alts (Baron)
  • Knight/Squire: full guild member mains (Knight) and alts (Squire)
  • Peasant: a new member still in the introductory probation period

Other Guild Policies

We have some more detailed policies regarding raider requirements, loot assignment, and the nitty-gritty of life as a raiding guild. You can find these on our forums in the Raiding, Events and Announcements forum.