First Deaths of Cataclysm!

First Deaths of Cataclysm!

First raid boss deaths, that is.

Wednesday night saw us excitedly traipsing off to Blackwing Descent to face Magmaw the Big Red Fire Worm as our first raid encounter since Deathchin broke the world. It took us a little while to get into the rhythm of things again, especially with the very revamped class mechanics that Cataclysm brought us.

Magmaw kill shot 

It didn’t take long for Magmaw to take a dive, though…

…followed by Halfus on Sunday night, with extra-special congrats to Warnie for leading his first progression raid.

Halfus kill shot 

In other news, we’re recruiting! We’re very close to having enough for 25s, and let’s face it, 25s are more fun than 10s! Expect a proper recruiting update shortly, but in the meantime, we’re particularly after healers and possibly some DPS for 25s.