Catching up!

Not with content, but with blog updates!

So, what have we been up to for the last few months? Well, after downing Malygos, we finished off Sartharion +2D, and farmed Naxx until Ulduar’s release. Unfortunately, attrition thinned out our ranks just as Ulduar was released, and apart from killing Flame Leviathan we struggled for enough numbers to put a raid together – although on April 22nd we did get the server first Orbital Bombardment (Flame Leviathan +1 tower hardmode).

In mid-May, however, our numbers recovered and we swung back into action – seven bosses down in eight weeks.

Ulduar Siege kill shots

Ulduar Antechamber kill shots

Hodir kill shot

Now we’re currently at 8/14 Ulduar, with Freya on notice. The next few weeks should be fun and loot-filled!

Recruitment reminder!
We’re still open for recruitment – we’re currently looking for 2-3 extra DPSers to round out the raiding team.