High Warlord Naj’entus (still) dead!

Well, this is rather late news, but I’ve been sick so please forgive.

A week and a half ago, Southern Wardens ventured back into Black Temple with a raid full of gentle, learned heroes bringing peace and happiness to the world — or, depending on who you ask, a crowd of yahoos with big sticks and an urge to beat up hapless naga. Dear old Naj’entus, he of the Impaling Spines and the Giant Water Bubble Of Doom, would probably call us the latter… if he weren’t too busy saying “ow, ow, it hurts, make it stop”.

Najentus kill shot

Our first kill was absolutely textbook — no deaths, and a clear minute ahead of the enrage timer. Excellent work by all concerned, and we’re looking forward to brutalizing — er, meeting — more of the inhabitants of Black Temple just as soon as our server can stop falling over in the middle of prime Aussie raiding time!