Karathress and Rage down!

In the midst of all this new content, there’s still raid bosses left to kill. Last week we took a break for Easter, and gave everyone a well-earned rest… which meant Fathom Lord Karathress got a week’s stay of execution.

Karathress kill shot

No longer! We caught up with him this week on Sunday night, and killed him on the second attempt after discovering that yes, Spitfire Totems really do hurt as much as people say they do.

Monday night saw us taking a peek into Mt Hyjal – our raid leader has a thing for Jaina Proudmoore and wanted the excuse to hang out with her. Unfortunately, as soon as he tried whispering sweet nothings to her, the undead attacked!

Thankfully we held them off, along with their master – a rather cantankerous lich with bad fashion sense and a bad attitude. Here we are with his “corpse”… a sparkly lump. (Dead on the first try, too!)

Rage Winterchill kill shot

Another good week of progression for the Wardens, leaving us at 5/6 3/4 in Tier 5 and 1/5 0/9 in Tier 6. Fantastic work from all our raiders, and it’s great to be taking our first steps in Tier 6 instances.

… And then we went to explore Sunwell Plateau, and got smashed in the face by giant robots. But that’s a story for another time!

Edit: Oh, and I forgot to mention we downed Jan’Alai for the first time this week, on a non-raid night. Thanks to Swen for organising the group; that puts us at 4/6 ZA. If only we had enough time to finish the place off!