A right royal pain in the face.

Kazzak kill shot

Doom Lord Kazzak is not only a nasty, ill-tempered and very violent demon, he’s not very pretty, to boot. Thankfully, we triumphed over shadowbolts, ill-timed add respawns, a pesky Horde mage trying to grief us, and Hellfire General Chat complaining about Kazzak’s zone-wide yelling fits… to put Kazzak in his place for another Wardens first kill. It’s been a good month!

Congrats to Amandrah on the shiny new cloak, and Philos on his new sword. Here’s hoping we’ll get a chance to do it again before Patch 2.4 hits, his epics turn BoE and every guild in Outland turns up to farm him for AH profiteering. It was a fun learning experience, and we look forward to killing him again!