Magtheridon: “How long do you think this can hold me?”

<Southern Wardens>: “Oh, about five more minutes?”

After this week’s kill of Lurker, we trotted off to Magtheridon’s Lair – we’ve spent a few attempts there this week, learning the fight and mocking Magtheridon’s smack talk.

Magtheridon kill shot

I have to say, I personally really enjoyed the Magtheridon encounter. Almost no trash (hooray!), an entirely mockable boss, and an interesting set of raid challenges. We killed him tonight for the first time, with only three warlocks on the team (a 50% improvement over a couple of attempts earlier in the week where our two little ‘locks were looking very lonely indeed) and loot rained from the heavens. Congrats to Swen and Ragoth on their new T4 chests, Alinden on the Head of Magtheridon (which makes no sense, as someone pointed out there isn’t actually a corpse left behind to get a head from…), Torqya on his pretty pink Barbie shield and Xaned on his nice new belt. And, of course, congratulations to all our new Champions of the Naaru.

Great work to all concerned; it’s satisfying to have completed all Tier 4 content, even if we didn’t do it all in the right order! Now it’s time to dig in and make some serious inroads into SSC and Tempest Keep – because you can never kill too many nagas or blood elves.