We may not be able to kill his spirit, but his body’s another matter.

With the holiday season upon us, we’re taking a break from formal raiding, and throwing together a few ad-hoc 10-mans to gear up some new recruits. Monday nights saw a couple of teams taking a bash at Zul’Aman – which normally gets short shrift in the raiding schedule – for some troll-killing fun. And lo and behold, Akil’zon the Eagle Avatar took a dive.

One of the more fun fights I’ve seen of late, in my opinion, and his loot tables are very shiny. (I may be biased, as his first loot drop was Amani Punisher, which went to lucky yours truly.)

Our ad-hoc ten mans will continue until mid-January, when our Christmas break is over, and then we’ll throw ourselves back into 25-mans. We owe Void Reaver a beating – our first full night in Tempest Keep, last Sunday night (our last night of 25-mans for 2007), was very successful and saw us getting Void Reaver down to 1% on our final attempt. One measly percent! Beaten by respawns, we withdrew and promised VR some SW-style pain in the New Year… he’d better be ready for us.