Aran in the Crosshairs

Last week was a happy and productive one for both our Karazhan teams. Team 2 built on the previous week’s progress to achieve their first Curator kill, and followed that up by kicking Medivh’s ass at Chess and saying hi to Aran before the raid ended. Meanwhile, Team 1 consolidated their past successes and made further progress on Aran, so both teams are now staring down the barrel of Flame Wreath, Blizzard, Arcane Explosion, elementals, potions, and… wait, remind me why we’re so keen to do Aran again?!

Meanwhile, we’re making ready to take our first steps into 25-man raiding; four Wardens were guests with SPQR in Gruul’s Lair on Saturday (and congrats to SPQR on their first Maulgar kill!), and we’re keen to see what SW can do there too. More news as it comes to hand.