Progress in Karazhan!

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks for the Wardens in Karazhan. Now we’ve got our team lineups relatively stable, it’s a matter of ‘best foot forward’ – and we’ve certainly been doing that! The two biggest highlights of late:

  • Curator Down!
    Two weeks ago, Team 1 successfully one-shot Curator to send the big grumpy robot tumbling down, and merrily triumphed at Chess against Medivh (the dirty cheater!). Next stop is Shade of Aran, who was looking very unhealthy last week on a sickly-looking 39%. Clearly his death is imminent!
  • Team 2 Finally Sees A Different Opera Event!
    That’s right – after weeks in Karazhan, Team 2 had seen nothing but the Wizard of Oz, and was starting to believe that Big Bad Wolf and Romulo & Julianne was nothing but a sick hoax perpetrated by Team 1. Finally, last night, Team 2 met Romulo & Julianne on the field of battle – well, the Opera House stage, anyway – and the star-crossed lovers fell before us.