What’s got two wings, a tail, a bad attitude, and drops loot like a scaly pinata?

After a few more learning experiences on Nefarian last week, we came to BWL determined to make this week ‘third try’s the charm’. Armed with a new strategy, we warmed up our pew-pew and plink-plink (the hunter version of pew-pew) and got ready to give Nef the beating of his life.

Did you know that wiping at 1% on Nefarian is really quite bad for the blood pressure?

Next try we proved it was not a fluke, and replicated our efforts — right down to our MT disconnecting at the Phase 3 transition on both attempts and still managing to hold agro while offline. Now that’s tanking talent.

Now we knew what expect, though, we carried it over the line and dropped Nef with a sweet, clean kill – no bodies on the ground except Nef’s, in fact!

Congratulations to Causes on the Judgement chest, making him our first fully-T2-geared raider, and our MT Holli on the Wrath chest. Congrats also to Teh Isra on Mish’undare… just a pity some poor hunter felt obliged not to let loot from our first Nef kill be sharded, even if that meant taking Therazane’s Link. Wear it with pride, Nins, and pretend you’re a shaman!

After we danced with glee for a while, we found ourselves with a few hours yet to kill — so it was off to AQ40 for our very first look into the place. New content is always fun, and AQ40 is very fresh and interesting after MC and BWL raids. Our best effort for the night was 45% on the Prophet Skeram, AQ40’s first poss, and hopefully next week we’ll have more time to make a bigger dent.