What I Did In Azeroth on Monday, by Siha, aged level 60.

First we went to see nice Mister Thunderaan in Silithus to ask him if he would please let our friend Wocca borrow his sword. He didn’t like that idea, and he got all angry at Wocca and hit him and Wocca fell over! Poor Wocca! We helped him get up again though and then Wocca went to tell Mister Thunderaan what he thought of his selfishness.
Well! Wocca hit Mister Thunderaan so hard he fell over almost straight away! (Well, we all helped too. We thought he was so mean for not giving Wocca his sword, so we hit him and cast spells at him.)
The trouble was, we couldn’t work out where he’d hidden his sword! We had to go find Mister Thunderaan twice more and knock him over again before Wocca found it behind the couch.

So, congratulations Wocca on [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]! Now if Mister Thunderaan comes looking to take his sword back, you can hit him even harder!