There’s One More Draco-Puppy in Doggy Heaven Tonight

After last week’s unexpected success with Chromaggus we returned, primed for battle and full of determination and Hourglass Sand. (That stuff scratches.)

Unfortunately Tasmania’s internet connection seemed to be on the fritz tonight – maybe someone was trying to run the toaster at the same time – so several of our most dedicated raiders were in and out more often than a hyperactive rabbit. Despite this, Chromaggus fell in the face of Wardens-style determination, grit, and animal abuse.

Congratulations to Causes, the first of our pally brigade to trade in the fearsome Bananaman shoulderpieces for some brand-shiny-new Judgement Spaulders, and to Amandrah on the much-cheaper-to-repair Netherwind Mantle. Alostrael picked up a swanky pair of Empowered Leggings, and Wocca our first Elementium Threaded Cloak.

And then it was on to Nefarian himself, the last BWL holdout who refused to bow before the might of Southern Wardens. Tonight was the first time we’d seen him, let alone attempted him, and after a few attempts learning how to manage the Drakonid adds in phase 1, we got a really great attempt underway – 18% on our last attempt of the night. Next week we’ll finish teaching him who’s boss.