Records being smashed

Originally posted by Simtr.

Following on from an incredible week in BWL (Hi, Chromie 3%, 5% and 11% on Timelapse first ever attempts) the raid force from Southern Wardens laid absolute waste to MC. Full clear in a guild record 3 hours and 15 minutes!

Having 45 mins up our sleeves, it was decided to go along and pwn up some BWL with the fresh instance.
Razorgore was despatched smoothely with Holli breaking all the eggs for the first time. Not being a guild to call it quits, we decided to reload and have a shot at Vael. Sadly, 2% was as far as we got being a few people short. But this still gives us an extra 30-40mins of BWL time this weekend. We should be taking our first shots at Nef on Monday night, looking forward to it!