Southern Wardens commissions new [Modifed Worg Carrier] for Pubert

Originally posted by Alla.

Citing numerous health-code violations, Stormwind city officials have found that Pubert’s [Modified Worg Carrier] is no longer fit for habitation. GM Wocca has declared this as a priority second only to raiding progress and is currently seeking governmental grants toward the research & development of a new carrier for the gnome.

Priestess Azuremoon commented, “I dont understand. We feed him a stack of [Dried King Bolete] every day, but I feel like I am cleaning up much more than that. I just can’t keep up – it’s Alla’s turn to clean up today!”
Guild engineers are divided regarding the creation of a new litterbox for the guild-gnome/pet with a dental fetish. Proposals are either to blow it up or to teleport fresh, steamy piles to another dimension.

Chief Engineer Ror said, “We don’t know what to do with all this stuff. I only make repair bots. We tried to vend it to the bots with explosive consequences. …oh! Fused wiring.”

Donations are being accepted to ensure a happy and well-fed Pubert for future forays into Blackwing Lair.