When a problem comes along, you must whip it.

originally posted by Simtr

and whip Broodlord Lashlayer we did…

Our first real night of solid attempts on him, he went down on the fourth try. Big credit goes again to the healer tea for this fight you guys did a fantastic job to adapt and swing changes to keep the tanks up. I think we only had the two deaths on the kill. Awesome work by Verlyna and Holli pulling the supression room and a huge thanks to the rogue team, who go sight unseen and do a well coordinated job on all the supression traps.

Night ended with a typical Warden-like move, where Firemaw was pulled accidently by a couple of nameless tanks :P But, we’ll be back next week to add Firemaws corpse to our growing list of Blackwing Lair conquests.