The 1% That Lasts Forever

After last night’s almost-success, we were raring to finally get past the Vael-sized roadblock into BWL farming and phat loot for all. Our MC plans for tonight were put on hold and instead we ventured back to Nef’s crib to lay some Southern Wardens smack down on Vaelastrasz.

Pwnt. Two attempts got him to 8% each time and then it was third time lucky as the mighty dragon bit the dust. (Your humble author got a delightful worms-eye-view of the whole proceedings, having been the first to cop Burning Adrenaline. Again. Clearly Vael has something against pallies.)

Congrats to Dahlinas on his Dragonstalker’s Belt, Nasherial on Belt of Transcendence and Rollergirly for Mind Quickening Gem.

Now we’re off to face the dragon packs. Ave Caesar, we who are about to die salute you!