Another week, another new boss!

Originally posted by Simtr.

Well done guys, last night in Zul’Gurub we got to experience the feeling of another guild first kill. With Swen leading us into the Edge of Madness we were able to meet and de-blade Renataki of the Thousand Blades. Now we know how to best handle the trash for EoM with a couple of ‘locks we’ll be sure to get back there again.

We’re going to be aiming for a full clear of all ZG bosses in our 4 hour raid time limit. If we can smooth our Hakkar kill a bit and move nice and fast like we did last night we should do this easily. The only bosses that are not yet on farm are the other EoM bosses. So it’s just a matter of speeding up in certain areas and getting the job done.

Was good to get in some more tanking practice in with swapping tank agro ready to take down Vaelastrasz on Sunday (well thats if lag and major Aussie ISP’s can keep their end of the bargain…)