Moam Dead!

Originally posted by Simtr.

Woot, another instance another first kill.

Frawless Kurri take down, Lieut General died on Rajaxx encounter – but we stuck with it and downed him. Was good to give our resident Yogi, Reshiko a chance to do some bear tanking tonight and it worked really well. Buru took us a few goes while we adapted all over again to the strat, but it was only ever a matter of time and a few extra repair bills :)

Isra lead us over to Moam, we got to clear some new Eygptian trash mobs. It was quickly realised after the first attempt on Moam that all out pwn dps was not going to get us through and the second and third attempts we backed up with mana drain from our ‘locks and priests.

Was getting close to 11pm after the third attempt, we lost a raider or two due to that dreaded wife faction – but we knuckled down, pulled in another priest (thanks Alla!) and dropped Moam. Unfortunately, after we dropped him we still had the 3 crazy elementals to kill…..

We managed to get out of it with some awesome rebanishing from our ‘lock team, some uber healing from our only alive healer Wellard and some nice dps from the other 5-6 members left standing hehe.

Well done guys, great to see a brand new boss for the first time and take him down!