Green Eggs and Lag

Originally posted by Simtr.

It’s all about the eggs as Southern Wardens take on Razorgore.

Eolhelyanwe got some egg fever and in a very leeroy-esque display, got a bit too close to the Fat Controller at the start and wiped us in a few minutes flat :P

Best attempt of the night goes to our uberWarlock tank Bellzebub. Who had one angry Razorgore chasing him around the room when we busted out with a phase 2, no more eggs attempt. Unfortunately he was the only person left standing after we lost around 20 people in the last 2-3 eggs.

The night was also marred by lots and lots of lag…we weren’t able to try an alternate strat due to one of our MT’s getting disconnected every 5 mins, various others spent the night bouncing in and out of egg-land, wrestling with video settings to try and get some extra BWL fps.

We’ll be refining our strat until we find that magical SW click, this Monday I’m expecting another series of very strong attempts. I’m really enjoying the fight and cant wait to get solidly into phase 2, Razorgore we’re coming to egg you!

In other news we have MC down to a full clear in under 4 hours, so we’ll be racing the clock and having some fun as we refine it even more. I think we only had the one wipe on Luci (!) as Holli pulled the first Corehound pack while Luci and buddies were too close :P. Rags is now our gimp, he went down first go and Sons control was awesome.

Well done guys, keep on smashing on.