Two down, one to go.

Our progress in ZG has been a little slower than many of us would have liked, since we’ve been integrating an influx of players from Heaven’s Cataclysm and various new recruits. It looks like the awkward getting-to-know-you smalltalk is over, though, since tonight the Wardens pulled out all the stops together to turn Hakkar into a big feathery pile of dead.

For the first time in a long time, we had a clean three-day run at the zone without any resets or significant server outages, and we duly took advantage of our good fortune to get the zone under control. The Aspects died on Friday night in a nice clean 2h 40m run, and we faced off against Hakkar for a good couple of tries at him. Unfortunately we lost too many raiders to the late hour, and came back Friday for another swipe at him. The experience proved invaluable, and we came back this evening with murder in our eyes.

This was the result: a nice clean kill! Now we just have to improve our times; a three-hour clear is our goal, and now we’ve mastered Hakkar it’s definitely feasible.

Congrats to Wildence on the Heart of Hakkar, Baros on Soul Corrupter’s Necklace and Allarielle on Bloodcaller.

So, of the zones we’re currently raiding, that’s two end bosses dead. Ragnaros is the only one left standing, but he will bow to our might soon enough!