Hakkar, you’re going down.

Just not this week.

Wednesday night saw a frawress clear of the Aspects in 2h 40m – a record for us, and a sure sign of our raid group developing as a coherent unit. And then it was off to Hakkar’s Island to wave our pokey sticks at the big feathered guy himself.

Unfortunately, Proudmoore chose just that moment to restart! We regrouped after the reset and had two good tries at Hakkar, but they both ended like this:

Look at all those lazy raiders, lying down on the job!

Thursday was earmarked for “Get Our Revenge On Hakkar” day, but unfortunately Proudmoore chose not to cooperate – it went down for emergency maintenance an hour before our ZG run was supposed to start, and came back up literally five minutes before our ZG zone reset.

Which will make Hakkar’s inevitable death that much sweeter.