Ragnaros in the cross hairs

Originally posted by Simtr.

Monday nights MC raid started off well, everyone was pumped ready to give Rags a good old thumping. Sulfuron, Golemagg and Majordomo all fell first up and we moved into have our first look at Ragnaros.

First attempt with over half the raid never having seen Rags before was awesome, flat out dps and no pots netted us a 39% Rags @ first Sons spawn. Unfortunately the Sons pwned us in the face :) We reloaded, tried some different positioning, RL’ing Guru Isra continued with explaing the fight and new postions. This time we consumed FR pots for a better crack but could only manage around 50% Rags, Sons was a little bit better but still needs work. FR week has been announced and we will be revising our strat to get ready for this coming Monday!