Stepping up to the plate

Originally posted by Torkya.

With a little help from our friends at UF and HC, Southern Wardens continued the relentless push into the Molten Core.

Night one saw Lucifron, Magmadar, Gehennas, Garr and Baron Geddon all get the slapping they richly needed. Not a bad night. Lots of nice paladin, druid and warlock gear drops as well as some nice stuff for tanks. No speed records were set on the night but solid straightforward ass-kickin was delivered. This was the first night we had attempted to move past Gehennas and was a big test. With good planning and excellent execution we managed to not only down all five bosses on the night on our first attempts, we also finished the night without at wipe.

Night two saw us return to Molten Core intent on slapping around Shazzrah, Golemagg and Sulfuron. Fighting our way in from the ZI was a tactical decision to try and get us more chances at BoE items and crafting materials. A good plan as it turned out. We worked our way back in, and proceeded to slap down Sulfuron in textbook fashion. Actually I think I saw Verlyna using a textbook at one one stage. On to Golemagg where again we engaged in a perfect slaying. We then headed back to Shazz. Yeah I know, usually you do Shazz on the way to Sulf and Gole … we felt like something different.

Shazz was interesting. No wipes and a nice clean kill. But the prelude was a blast. We had repops between us and Shazz. No matter, we dealt with them and moved it on up.

Next week we will be working in further. Domo is the target and trying to get ready for a shot at Ragnaros.

Thanks again to our friends at UF and HC, seeyas next week!