Majordomo Executus submits to the might of SW

Originally posted by Simtr.

Fast moving start to our Monday night MC raid had us dropping Shazzrah first go even with noob tank Wocca trying to hold agro. A slight set back with some uncharacteristic wipes on Sulfuron then dropping Golemagg first shot had us setup for our third attempt at Majordomo Executus. Isra bought the raid to a silence (without any teabagging) while he laid out the carefully planned strat, flares were used to mark out off-tank locations before we put out the last rune to summon Majordomo Executus and his 8 minions.

The last few attempts we’d had didn’t end very well, usually time beat us and patience wore thin, this time there was a quiet certaintly about the job we all had to do. Mages were paused on their sheep buttons whilst dreaming of those lush New Zealand pastures, OT’s finished polishing their swords and all had their targets lined up ready to go. Isra made the call and Sayyun”Rambo”tow ran in to pester the Domo army then cheekily shield and run back to the raid. Team Hunter had their targets and pulled to the OT’s cleanly.

Vikos the Virile pulled Majordomo to the green tank in Wocca who immediately found himself dancing on red hot coals in the pit of Majordomo’s fire. Climbing out and grabbing a heal from Eolhelyanwe and Wellard Wonker enabled him to pursue and taunt Majordomo back.

The other part of the battle had Voluptuous Verlyna changing targets and focussing the attacks on the kill order, healers, elites all were dropped by her fierce mangina-like swordswomanship. As the targets dropped a confidence grew in the group until the battle haze wore off and Majordomo Executus was left begging for his life.

Grats to the guys on another first boss kill! We may be trailing other guilds but we’re making good steady progress, getting geared up and starting to really mesh as a team. Was a real buzz personally to see Domo go down, especially in our 8th official venture into MC.