Take That, Lucifron!

(Yes, this post is a trifle after the fact. I’ve been busy!)

We’re officially a proper solo MC guild now, after our successful start last Sunday. A slight miscalculation (how could we forget about Sunday afternoon server queues?!) meant that our raid group trickled online in dribs and drabs.

We cleared to Luci successfully and dropped him with a minimum of pain and suffering. We did see one wipe – probably inevitable given that we’re new to raiding MC as a guild – but we were determined to down Lucifron. And down him we did, on our second try! Congratulations to Azzure on shiny new Arcanist Boots and Unfalln on his Felheart Gloves.

Unfortunately we lost too many healers at that point to take down the big doggy Magmadar, so we trotted off to ZG to pwn some more bosses there. We’ll be back in MC this weekend for some more Lucifron action, and this time we hope to be facing Magmadar and Gehennas as well!

This is the start of great progress for SW as a guild, and we’re very excited about where we can go from here.

(And don’t forget: limited recruitment is currently open! If you’d like to join us, check out our guild information and recruitment page for more info.)