In which we have to pay all our own repair bills.

It’s an exciting time in the Southern Wardens. We’ve just struck out on our own, after dissolving our 40-man raid alliance with another guild, and we’re ramping up to tackle Molten Core and Onyxia on our own.

We kicked off this brave new world with a foray into MC on Monday night — completely unplanned, but we had way too many for Zul’Gurub, and if we refrained from doing stupid stuff on the spur of the moment, we’d hardly be the Southern Wardens, would we?

No boss attempts for us, sadly; a number of the raiders were still saved to a prior instance with most of the early bosses down, and we thought we probably shouldn’t try to blood a new raid group on Golemagg. So we confined ourselves to clearing trash mobs and showing our newcomers how to get stomped by Molten Destroyers.

A couple of stand-outs from the night:
* congrats to Ror on Nightslayer Belt, our first piece of guild-only MC loot!
* thanks to Sayyuntow for running a super-fast simultaneous attunement run in an attempt to get a few more of our guildies into the instance.

Look for more fun and exciting news from the world of melty lava and big repair bills soon!