Southern Wardens take on the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj

Originally posted by Pangur.

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Last night after a short ZG run, the fearless SW’s – ever thirsty for more glory – decided to explore the newly opened Gates of Ahn’Qiraj. After clearing the nasty spitting insectoid trash mobs (who moved really fast and were immune to any sort of freezing trap or slowing spell), we approached the valley where the first boss – Kurinnaxx – lay in wait.

The mighty Verlyna and Torkya lined up to show the clackety beast who was boss, while Vikos The Mad pulled the creature back into range.

Unfortunately, between the health-sucking quicksand and Kurinnaxx’s enraged state, our first attempt was a wipe. So was the second, but never a guild to give up, SW set about for a third try.

With new tactics – tanks swapping agro between them, and everyone else at range in a semi circle keeping well away from the beast and the healers – we approached the overgrown earwig again.

The new tactics worked brilliantly and finally we had success! Kurinnaxx admitted defeat and left us with worthy trophies – the Qiraji Martial Drape, Grimoire of Immolate VIII which went to Bellz, and Sand Reaver Wristguards which went to Kaasha.

Overall a very fun night and a great look at a fantastic new dungeon.

Group shot!