In which High Priest Thekal squishes us…

What do you do when it’s a Friday night and you have a couple of handfuls of guildies and nothing to do?

Zul’Gurub! That’s what you do.

The first three bosses – High Priest Venoxis (Snake), High Priestess Jeklik (Bat) and the Bloodlord Mandokir – are all on farm status for us now, although it was a tough run tonight. A distinct lack of healer power will do that to you, it seems! However, we decided to go on and attempt Thekal, the tiger boss.

I can see your house from here! In the distance lies Thekal, High Priest of the Tiger Aspect, and his two trollish minions.

The few, the proud, the brave. Our ZG raiders get ready to take on Thekal.

Hurry up and wait! All buffed up and nowhere to go – the raid just before launching our assault.

Thekal pwned us, it must be said. But we got him down to a tiny sliver of health, perhaps 1%, with only two warriors and two priests in our raid – and none of us have ever seen him drop before. All in all, a good first try.